Family Law

At Just In Time Legal, family law includes basic adoptions, child custody and support, as well as father’s rights issues. It is important to note that in order to keep legal services affordable and the process smooth, Just In Time Legal does not accept all family law cases, only uncontested ones.

Basic Adoptions

The most common kinds of basic or uncontested adoptions are grandparent adoptions: a child’s parent is unable to take care of them, so their grandparent steps in to be their legal guardian.  However, a setup like this can only last so long before the person taking care of the child needs to be the child’s legal guardian. You cannot enroll a child in school without being their legal guardian; you cannot put them on your health insurance as a dependent without being their legal guardian; they cannot receive any of the benefits of being your child without you being their legal guardian.

If the parent lives in another school district, yet their child lives with a relative or close friend in a completely different school district, then the child will not be able to go to school in the district in which they live. There are a cast of other downsides to not being the legal guardian of a child of whom you are taking care, but people often to not appreciate them before they become a significant problem. 

This is why, if a parent and a guardian have agreed that the guardian should take care of the child, it is essential that the adoption be formalized, or else the guardian will be unable to fulfill the basic requirements of being a guardian. 

Just In Time Legal provides the simplest and most affordable services for individuals who are willing to give up their child to a new legal guardian.

Father’s Rights, Child Custody, and Child Support

Courts defer to the mother when it comes to who has custody of a child, and this partiality results in legal matters in respect to child custody being far simpler for mothers than for fathers. In other words, when it comes to the everyday aspects of child custody and child support, the most does not need a lawyer, but the father does. 

For instance, if the father receives an order for him to pay child support and he does not contest it, then he will be forced to pay it. If he refuses to pay it then the child support can be garnished from his wages. In other scenarios, the parents of a child can have an amicable agreement regarding when they each get time with the child, but if there is any falling out and the father has not established legal rights, then the mother has complete control over the child.  For this reason, fathers need to be proactive about their rights when it comes to custody of their children. Just In Time Legal provides the quickest and most streamlines process for doing so.

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