Basic Adoptions

The world of adoptions can be extremely complicated, and often consists of long, drawn-out legal battles, and Just In Time Legal does not provide services for these long and drawn out legal processes, but we do provide services for simple, uncontested adoptions where one party wishes to amicably transfer legal guardianship of a child to another party.

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Business Services and Incorporations

Business services can be anything from services for your own business, to services regarding another business that you are interacting with. 

One of the most common needs that individuals have for their own business is getting it incorporated. Getting your business incorporated can protect you from legal threats as well as entitle you to tax breaks and other benefits which can make it even more lucrative than it was before. 

One of the most common business services for people who do not own their own business is research on other businesses. For example, you may need research done on a business that you are investing in or becoming a part owner of to make sure that it is legitimate.

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Basic Wills for Small Estates

The term "Estate Plan" can be intimidating. Contrary to popular sentiment, estate planning is not just for rich people, and neither are estates. The word estate simply refers to all your possessions, and wills dictate what is to be done with those possessions upon your death. Without a will

Power of attorney only deals with business and financial matters of a person who is incapacitated. A person with power of attorney can control the finances and assets of a person who cannot fulfill a task related to their finances themselves. 

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Basic Healthcare Directives

Also known as a living will, a healthcare directive is a legal document which expresses how you want to be taken care of in case of an emergency or injury which renders you unable to communicate. It allows you to express how you want to be treated, whether you want to be resuscitated, and what person will have the discretion to make decisions for you such as a spouse, close related, or friend. 

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Basic Leases and Contracts

Many savvy people and part-time entrepreneurs want to rent out space that they own and in order to keep costs low, they find themselves drawing up contracts between themselves and another party without consulting a lawyer. This makes sense to them at first because most lawyers are very expensive, and they think that they can write a sufficiently detailed legal form, or that the one that they got off the internet will work. In the vast majority of situations: They can’t and it won’t. Without the requisite knowledge, an ordinary person cannot draw up a legal contract without leaving themselves open to liabilities far greater than the profit of their business venture. Getting legal forms off of the internet seems like a solution until you realize that generic contracts which are not written in respect to a certain year and a certain jurisdiction are not applicable to your year and jurisdiction. Leasing space on your property in 2017 is not the same as doing it in 2020, just like it is not the same in Alabama as it is in Georgia. Generic legal forms could leave you with as many problems as drawing one up yourself. 

Just In Time Legal provides the most affordable solution to drawing up a lease or a contract that actually fits appropriately for what you need.

Legal Document Review

Legal document review can mean anything from reviewing a lease to reviewing a business contract and everything in between. The simple fact is that legal language is complicated, and there are many clauses in a contract which could be references to other laws or cases which the average person does not know how to look up, or how to understand once they have looked it up. Despite this, it is your responsibility to fully understand every document you sign, not only so that you can know what you are entitled to based on an agreement, but also so that you can defend yourself against pernicious landlords or business owners. 

Just In Time Legal makes legal document review as quick and cost effective as possible.

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