About The Headquarters

Just In Time Legal Solutions is located in the former Martin Furniture Company building, constructed in 1904, which has not been open for business in more than a decade. The office design incorporates many of the building’s original facets.

The original gears and pulleys from the old freight elevator remain.

The main room containing the reception area and intake offices are surrounded by a catwalk mezzanine.

The office and conference room both sit in elevated, furniture store display windows with high floors and low ceilings. There is also a 14-foot ceiling surrounded by a catwalk mezzanine in the Just In Time's intake area.

Inside the office, looking through the Martin Furniture Building front windows.

Marks plans to develop the rest of the 17,000-square-foot building into a multi-use development, as part of downtown Bessemer’s designation as an opportunity zone.

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