About the Concept

The office, located in the repurposed furniture store window

So many people who buckle their seatbelts, lock their doors, and pay for insurance to protect themselves and their property in a disaster still have not taken the time to establish a will, make an estate plan, or to have a lawyer prepare of review important contracts before they sign. Why? 

At Just In Time we think that people forego these basic legal protections because they think attorneys are expensive, because people see the law as confusing, and because it is hard to see why legal precautions are necessary until it is too late. Sometimes people don’t value and prioritize legal preparedness because there is no instant benefit.

Just In Time is committed to providing the most affordable services as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our goal isn’t just to provide excellent legal services, but to provide them in a way that makes it easy for everyday people to get the legal coverage that they think they don’t need. How?

Our business is designed to work with a variety of budgets and make the intake process for new clients as seamless and simple as possible. We realize that many people have never had their own lawyer. We know that many people have never been to a law firm. That is okay. The process starts here.

While many law firms would charge you for every step of the process after you get in contact with them, Just In Time has implemented an urgent care model for legal services. You don’t have to be in urgent need of help; we will process your matter up quickly nonetheless, freeing you up for the things you enjoy. We employ client intake specialists who listen to your needs before you speak to a lawyer, which helps you avoid paying excessive legal fees. 

Just In Time offers flat-fee, à la carte pricing for an array of  legal services, including basic estate plans, grandparent adoptions, incorporations, contracts, leases, and many other matters. All of these innovations together make legal services as simple as locking a door or clicking a seat-belt, and they make it possible for you to incorporate the legal protection you need into your everyday life. 

Simply fill out this form on our homepage to get in touch. As soon as you fill out the form, one of our intake specialists will be in touch with you to learn about your needs and decide how we can meet them most effectively. If you prefer not to fill out a form, simply call us at (205) 436-2846. 


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